We are committed to the achievement of academic excellence for each student. Our staff is dedicated to providing an enriched Catholic education within a safe, inclusive and nurturing community to meet each student’s unique needs. For more information and resources, please visit Calgary Catholic School District / Students.


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Junior High On-line Class Schedules 2020-2021

7 Harte, 7 Schwieder,  7 Theroux

8 O'Halloran, 8 Tetzlaff

9 Cross, 9 James, 9 Rino

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Junior High Students Full Year Options 2020-2021

Please select from below the appropriate option form to submit your student's full year option requests for the 2020 - 2021 year. If you are currently not enrolled within Calgary Catholic School District please complete the forms, and either bring them to the school, or email them to our St. Ambrose Mailbox . If you have any concerns please email

Registration will be on going, any late registrations may not receive their first choices.

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We thank you in advance for your support, understanding and quick action in this matter.

Grade 4 and 7 Alberta Education Student Survey

Grade 4 and 7 students use the link below as well as your passcode to complete the survey.